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Newbury Dental PracticeNewbury Dental Practice
3.3 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Christopher JenningsChristopher Jennings

Incredibly poor service.
Dentist seemed more concerned with up-selling me to a £45 private hygienist appoint that actually providing any treatment.
Performed absolutely no care on my teeth even though a scale and polish can be included in the band 1 NHS treatment.

Chris FunderburgChris Funderburg

I can't say I've ever had a bad experience at Newbury Dental, but seriously, if you need something done quickly, look elsewhere. Getting an appointment in any sensible time-frame just doesn't happen here. You can register at multiple dentists! I once had painful, broken teeth that needed pulling but all I got was sent for xrays at the hospital and scary warnings about having to have surgery if he couldn't get them out. So terrified I left it a year until I had a massive abscess. The new dentist took one look, said, "no problem" and sorted me out in 30 minutes.

Shy LelisShy Lelis

Very disappointed today with this clinic's service. I booked an appointment for a private dental work (implant). In our correspondence, I have understood that I am to pay £130 for a consultation, to be seen by an implant dentist, who will then give me a implant treatment cost.

My situation is, I have an active dental cover insurance from my previous employment, which will expire on the 15 July 2018. I stated this on my email over and over on multiple email, and even phoned them the day before my appointment. I emphasised that, I wanted to get a cost which i will then pay upfront and get a receipt so i can reimburse it from my insurance company before it expires in 2 weeks. They were not helpful about this, and has not allowed us an advance payment even (daft to refuse money!)

When I came in today with my appointment, I didn't expect to pay £42 to for a consultation (not for implant). I was told i have to be seen by a dentist who then will write me a recommendation to an implant dentist. I did this, and paid. After, this, I was then told that the implant dentist is not available today for me to see him; and the next available slot is 12 July 2018 to see the plant dentist. That, again to book is £130. I was furious!!!! I wasn't told to have to pay an initial £42, apart from plus £130 for the implant consultation. and besides, what's the point???? I came in for the appointment expecting to be seen by an implant dentist, and expecting they can do what I required to make use of my insurance. but nope, rip off, and very disappointed with the service. Misled me. not happy!

Andrew CroysdillAndrew Croysdill

Fantastic service. Can't thank you enough for a polite and pain free experience. Fantastic!

Pedro SantosPedro Santos

I was in a lot of pain after another surgery made an awful job and Newbury Dental Practice accepted me and booked me in quite quickly and solved the problem. The staff is really helpful, professional and nice. Highly recommended!

Emma HooperEmma Hooper

Fantastic service, so patient and gentle with my 5 year old son.

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Dale Billy BaxterDale Billy Baxter
John ButcherJohn Butcher

Relaxed and friendly service telling you in words your understand about the treatment

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Michelle CollinsMichelle Collins

got an appointment quickly and a lovely lady sorted out my pain....appointment was on time. excellent dentist surgery

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Jenny CanningJenny Canning